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TAU’s studants visited Tel Megiddo

Last Thursday the students of The Institute & Department of Archaeology TAU had a fascinating tour at Tel Megiddo led by Prof Yuval Gadot, Dr Dafna Langgut, Dr Ido Koch and Dr Lidar Sapir-Hen. They visited the city’s many palaces and stables, the impressive underground water system and walked through our newly reconstructed Iron Age city gate.

For some it was the first time visiting the site and they were all impressed to learn about the huge impact of Meggido’s excavations on Biblical Archeology and about the application of new scientific methods in archeological work.Afterwards the students visited Tel Abu-Shusha and met Dr Avner Ecker who explained about the new excavation of Bar Ilan University at the site. During their tour one student came across an ancient coin and handed it over to the Gaba/Tell Abu Shusha Excavations.

Photos by Sagi Freiman and Shahar Gofer

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