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Photo Contest Winner!!

So we couldn’t really make up our minds which photo is the best Megiddo photo, because every picture at Megiddo is a winner!!!

Here are some of the photos that were submitted… it sure was fun looking back at all these memories and moments.

Ewa Ronowska, joined us at the 2016 season, and even celebrated her 50th birthday with us. These are her photos:

50th Birthday Celebration in Area X, 2016.

Our staff member, Jen Thum, submitted this silly photo of her and Rachel Kalisher being silly on a break during the 2016 Season, which was also the season during which she learned how to use Snapchat filters…. This is what happens in Area K!

The Megiddo Office, (we’re not cheating) also submitted some silly photos from the 2012 Season, which we wanted to share

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