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New Visitor center opens in Megiddo!

Every year many tourists visit Tel Megiddo to see how the place bearing the biblical name “Armageddon” actually looks like. Many of them are interested in the biblical story of the site, the impressive remains of the ancient city and the outstanding views of the Jezreel Valley from the top of the Tel.

Last month a new visitor center opened at Tel Megiddo, telling the amazing story of the site and its archeological expeditions. The visitors learn about important finds from the Tel, such as the “Megiddo Ivories” and “Shishak stela”. The highlight of the visitor center is an interactive model of the ancient city which includes music and sounds that bring the story of the site to life.

You can find more details and video of the new model at a recent article about it in the Israeli news site “Ynet” (Link).

Photo Credit: Lucy Yosef / Israel Nature and Parks Authority

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