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Changes in the Megiddo Expedition’s Directorship

Eric Cline, co-director of the Megiddo Expedition, retires from the Megiddo Expedition to pursue his many duties as co-director of the Kabri excavations, editor of BASOR, teacher, and researcher. The Megiddo Expedition thanks Eric for more than 20 years of contributing to the success of the Megiddo Expedition and for his friendship.

Effective immediately, Matthew J. Adams and Mario Martin join Israel Finkelstein as co-directors.

Dr. Adams is the Dorot Director of the W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in Jerusalem. He has excavated at numerous sites in Egypt and Israel. He is also Director of the Jezreel Valley Regional Project, a survey and excavation project focusing on the entire Valley over time. In that context he is also Co-director of the JVRP Excavations at Legio, the base of the Roman VIth Legion at the foot of Tel Megiddo.

Dr. Mario Martin conducts research at the Institute of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University and is the Co-director of the Megiddo Expedition. Martin, a distinguished field archaeologist, completed his doctorate work at the University of Vienna with Professor Manfred Bietak. Dr. Martin’s extensive field experience includes his long-time work at the Austrian Archaeological Institute’s expedition to Tell el-Dab’a, Egypt, as well as work at Tel Dor, Jaffa and Timna, Israel.

For me personally it is with great satisfaction that I see two of my Megiddo students (one of them joined at the age of 18!) become co-directors. I speak on behalf of the entire expedition in thanking Eric for his many years with us and wish him the best in the coming years; as I told him earlier today, he will remain a prominent member of the House of Lords of Megiddo/Armageddon…

Israel Finkelstein

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