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About Kibutz Mishmar HaEmek

Mishmar HaEmek was originaly founded in 1929 by Jewish-Polish Immigrants. The name translats literaly to "Guard of the Valley". The kibbutz resides in northern Israel, in the western Jezreel Valley. Mishmar HaEmek is one of the few kibbutzim that have not undergone privatization and still follows the original collectivist and socialist model. Next to the kibbutz is the Mishmar HaEmek forest, planted by the Jewish National Fund and members of the kibbutz. It is a section of Megiddo Park, listed as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

Flowing through Mishmar HaEmek is a tributary of the Kishon River. In Arabic, the stream is known as Wadi Abu Shusha, after the Palestinian Arab village that existed near the kibbutz prior to the war of 1949.


Megiddo Expedition Members 

If you are staying from week to week, your room will still available to you on the Friday(s) of the relevant weekend(s). If you have questions about your specific circumstances, email Margaret Cohen.

Rooms must be vacated on the final day of the Team Member’s stay. Team Members are not permitted to remain in the kibbutz after the close of the Expedition. This is due to the accommodations being booked ahead, and must be readied for the next occupants. If you have paid your fees but unexpectedly have to change your plans, refunds for dig participation and/or course withdrawal can be granted prior to April 15, 2022. Refunds for course withdrawal or cancellation of dig participation after April 15, 2022 cannot be guaranteed and are at the discretion of the excavation directors.

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