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The Crown Jewel of Biblical Archaeology

We have been following the difficult events in Israel and Gaza as you have also, no doubt. The situation continues to be fluid and of course we are hoping that a sustainable resolution will be found in the near future. 


However, we must, at this time, announce that we will not be in the field in the Summer of 2024. There have been a number of factors which have gone into this decision. Foremost in our minds is always the well-being and safety of all of our participants, our staff, and all the people whom we work with before, during and after the season. Another factor in our planning has been that the kibbutz where we stay during the season, Mishmar haEmek, close to the tel of Megiddo, has been hosting residents from one of the southern communities most affected by the attacks of October 7th, and this greatly impacts our logistics. The complexities of the situation, then, have pushed us to make the unfortunate decision to postpone our 2024 season to the Summer of 2025.


We want to thank all of you who have already been in touch with us and been planning to join us. We so appreciate your continued interest in Megiddo and all the wonderful work still ahead! We will be hosting an upcoming webinar series where our directors and staff will give updates on recent studies and publications dealing with a variety of Megiddo topics, including the updates on the latest research on the Middle Bronze Age fortifications, ancient DNA, the Iron Age gates, and, of course, chronology! Plus we'll give you a preview of what will be doing in the 2025 season! We hope you will join us for these webinars. You can find more information and register below. While we love seeing you on the tel, we look forward to seeing you virtually at least for now!


Tel Megiddo holds the remains of over 30 settlement layers ranging from the Chalcolithic to World War I. Known for its major contributions to the archaeology of the Bronze and Iron Ages, Megiddo is still providing exciting new information about the history of the biblical world and beyond. The team is excited to be back at the site to explore the Middle Bronze city gates, follow the clues for an undiscovered Iron Age palace, and seek out the archive of the Late Bronze Age kings.

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